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The idea is simple: utilize the vast ability of the open-source environment of Tribes to create a myriad of ways for players to learn and use their skills.

FREE FOR ALL: Unless you are in the safety of a range or the spawn bases, you may be brutally attacked by any number of the other players on the server. This is the underlying premise of BooT CamP: instant action. You don't have to worry about your gens, or the other guys on your team. Or not being a l33t LT player with all the latest gameplay scripts. You just "join the fray".

Mid Air (MA) RANGE: This range was designed to increase the player's accuracy using the Spinfusor. A trademark of a good player is one who is accurate enough to land a mid air, as it is often a very difficult maneuver to pull off, and will often foreshadow the outcome of an encounter with an enemy.

RANDOM MA RANGE: A player in the air is generally moving erratically to avoid taking damage and to confuse the enemy. This range seeks to sharpen the reaction of a player to a moving target, and increase the player's skill in mid airing.

SNIPING RANGE: No game is complete without a weapon you can sit back in a dark corner and camp with. This range tests the players accuracy just like the MA range does, only with an emphasis on targets that are at a very large distance from the shooter.

MORTAR RANGE: Mortaring comes in many different flavors, but to the novice, takes a fair amount of practice to get a basic understanding. The targets here will often jump randomly, so accuracy does not necessarily involve knowing what path the target will follow.

DUEL BOT RANGE: They may not end up taking over the world with their artificial intelligence, but they want your blood. These bots come in "easy" and "hard" modes. For a novice player, they can get a fairly challenging experience depending on the number of bots. You can have 10 in total, of either difficulty. A personal favorite.

JETTING RANGE: Knowing the limits of your movement, and being precise is often another defining characteristic of a good tribes player. This range is very, very, very long, and will test your ability to be patient (but decisive) in the navigation of this course. Don't slip -- it's a long way down.

MULTI RANGE: Use just about any weapon you want to eradicate the different targets. This range was designed for the other weapons players can use to inflict pain and suffering on one another.

BODY BLOCK RANGE: This is highly geared towards the avid CTF player. The "body block" allows you, in most cases, to completely stop the advance of a player en route to take your flag. By using your body, you become a brick wall and can effectively negate the approach of even the fastest capper, often without ever firing a shot.

SKI RANGE: No, there are no snow capped mountains here. The ski range aims to provide players with a way to increase their proficiency in moving along the terrain at high rates of speed. The technique of skiing is merely "bunny hopping" combined with the player's ability to jet. Used correctly, you can move very quickly across even the most unforgiving terrain.

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