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I started playing Tribes in the spring of 2000. My friend "Shmaldo", myself, and a bunch of guys we knew used to play Goldeneye 64 religiously. After i joined the military, he suggested playing Tribes over the internet to sate our blood lust. He was dead on.

As far as i'm concerned, my time spent in demo was the most fun i had during my tenure in the Tribes community. Demo consisted of so many unique players with very interesting personalities, and most were hungry to see what they could do within the community.

Many of the tribes players i knew were involved in some sort of developmental aspect of Tribes. It was fun to see the different styles of maps people would create using very limited texture resources. To me, this is what drove the hunger to develop within the player base.

I felt that i could provide the player base with very new, intriguing, well designed maps. I like to think that my maps "2049" and "Rage" (among others) spoke positively about my work.

Don't get me wrong, we still played the game for what it was at its core: fast paced, multi-faceted, digital action. I've enjoyed the rivalries, the friendships, and most importantly, the smack talk and the hate. I LOVE the drama.

I personally belive animosity (a.k.a drama) is one important aspect of Tribes that has helped sustain and drive the community. The only problem are the 12 year old children who don't get enough attention in real life and subsequently are reduced to venting their preteen angst on others in the form of server/message board nazi'ism.

This map was originally started sometime in 2001. Around that time, i had wandered into a server called "boot camp", and saw a concept which desperately needed to be ported to the late "demo" community. After permission to use the idea was secured, development began immediately.

When i decided to work on the "BooT CamP" maps, i truly wanted to give the player base a good port of a very good idea, that i will never take credit in being the brainchild of. If not for "|TIA|Ritz", i would have bowed out of the tribes mapping scene long ago.

The first release was a far cry from what this current version offers. It, however, provided the groundwork for which "Final Release" is based upon. Other very poor and unoriginal scripters attempted to call this work their own, but never produced a variant comparable to the original.

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